This Agreement was last modified on 31 March 2018.

Terms and Conditions of Website
These are the general terms and conditions which apply to your purchase of goods from our website at When we talk about Hocokw in these terms and conditions we refer to it by using (the pronoun “we”, and its derivatives). When we use (the pronoun “you” and its derivatives), we mean a user shopping from hocokw and buying its products. We reserve the right to change the general terms and conditions and return policy at any time. Any changes in terms and conditions will apply to all new orders after posting the changes on Hoco Website page. You should review the general terms and conditions and return policy posted on Hoco Web page before each request. If you have any questions concerning these general terms and conditions, return policy, cancellation policy, products, or Hoco Website, please contact us via Official Email.

Hoco Website and our products
Using our website (even without buying any of our products) means your approval and commitment to these terms and conditions. We strive to ensure the accuracy and validity of all information contained on Hoco website, including product descriptions’ and prices contained, at all times. However, errors may occur. We shall try to correct all errors and information on Hoco website ASAP if we find that this error has any impact on your order we shall try to inform you. You should keep in mind that Hoco Website provides a different shopping experience than buying from the physical store.

Our services:
We sell Hoco products and services for Hoco products, through our website Only.

Colors of products shown on website depend on many factors – including display settings used on the site; products shape and sizes. It may appear different in reality than the screen. We provide dimensions and measurements with the descriptions of products, it is your responsibility to ensure that the actual size of each product fits your purpose.

Images on the website are for illustration purposes only, in order to obtain an accurate description of any product and its details you should read the product description listed.

Stocks and Availability:
All products depend on its availability in stock, which means in case of absence it won’t be able to deliver. Products shown for sale are prone to be stopped from sale either online or in stores at any time. Full payment will be refunded in case of items are not delivered due to the stock issue.

The promotion offers and products
Promotion offers and products on Hoco website may not be all available in stores and vice versa. Our product prices on our website are the same as those listed in our catalog and in our stores. Sometimes, you may find a difference in price, when there are different promotions in stores or on our website.

Validity of information:
Hoco assumes the validity of information provided by the customer; the customer in return is held responsible for the accuracy of his personal information and data required to complete the purchase. The customer assumes responsibility in case he provides any incorrect information. Hoco Kuwait / Kuwait shall not be responsible if otherwise happens.

We shall do our best to have our website free from any viruses, you have to make sure to use the appropriate programs and software for detecting viruses and any other malicious content online on your computer or smartphone. Hoco is not responsible for any fraud or fraudulent attempts by other websites.

Offered Services and Products
We have the right at any time to modify, stop selling, stop services, sell any of our products, stop online shopping temporarily or permanently, with or without prior notice. In case our service stops after payment, we shall refund you, in accordance with the return policy- refund.

It is your responsibility to ensure confidentiality of your login and password, and all other data related to your account at all time. You agree to notify us as soon as you know about any suspected or presence of any risk to the security of your account.

The eligibility to order and purchase our products
You should provide a valid email, a cell phone number that you can be contacted through easily. Although we sell children’s products, it must be purchased by adults only; All products sold by Hoco Website are for personal use only; none of these products are authorized for commercial or industrial use unless it is explicitly stated.

Order to purchase products
Please check our Hoco Website guide for more information about the steps of purchasing our products. Your order represents an offer to purchase products from Hoco. When you order more than one item your order represents a set of offers for each product separately. Both your act of assigning the webpage and your personal email is considered a confirmation of your final order that you have sent to Hoco Online. Please pay attention when placing your order, since you may not be able to modify or add any more products after we send you your confirmation email. In case you desire to modify your order after you complete your purchase, you will incur additional costs as shown below. Purchase requisition approval contains the product details that you have ordered, the total cost of comprehensive delivery, assembly and order number. You should print a copy of these general terms and conditions, along with the return policy, and cancellation policy then keeps them in a safe place. You will need to refer to this data when you contact us with your request.

Processing the order:
Although we hope we can provide all products ordered, we reserve the right, in our estimation, without giving any reasons, not to accept any purchase order at any time (prior to delivery of your order). In case we refuse your order, we shall notify you as soon as possible; with any amount owed.

We shall get the amount to be paid from your card at the time you submit the purchase order. We shall contact you if we run into any trouble collecting the amount of the purchase made. The collection of order value does not mean acceptance of the purchase, in the event of non-acceptance of your order, you will be refunded the full amount as soon as possible (and in any event within three working days of the notice of rejecting your order). We are responsible for the refund to your Bank. The date of refund to your credit card may differ according to your Bank. (It may take from (1) business day to (3) weeks). If you cancel your installment service, Hoco will not be responsible for any assembly fees that may incur from the credited bank. (Please check with your Bank)

Online Prices:
All prices listed on Hoco Website are Hoco prices unless otherwise stated. Prices listed do not include delivery or assembly fees. Delivery and assembly fees will be added to the total price of your order according to the following paragraph. The price that you paid for your products is the price of Hoco Website when you ordered your purchase; unless these terms and conditions stated otherwise. In most cases, delivery fees that you paid are those provided by Hoco Website when you place your order. Delivery fees will be calculated according to your location, measurements, weight, size, nature and the value of your product. For more information concerning delivery fees please refer to our delivery information.

Stock availability:
Although we constantly check the accuracy of our stock on Hoco Website and its compatibility with the physical inventory in our warehouse, an error may occur. If we discover any stock error with any product you ordered, we shall inform you as soon as possible. We shall offer you the option of reconfirming your order according to the correct quantity available in stock or to cancel your order if you wish. If you wish to cancel your order due to incorrect stock data or if we fail to provide the product you ordered, we shall return your full amount as soon as possible according to our Refund policy, in refund section. In case we fail to contact you using the contact information you provided when placing your order, we shall deal with the order as canceled and the whole amount will be refunded according to our Refund policy in the refund section.

Delivery Policy:
the Terms and conditions (“Delivery Terms”) will be enforced on delivering our products to you, which you bought through the internet from our website We shall do our best to deliver your products according to delivery date provided in the email, but please note that all delivery dates provided through Hoco Website (either on the website or by phone or email) are estimated dates, delivery timing may differ. Hoco reserves the right to change the terms of delivery at any time. Any changes in delivery terms become valid on all new deliveries, which are made after posting the new changes on our website. You should check delivery terms posted on Hoco website before each new delivery order.

Delivery at your doorstep:
We shall deliver purchased products to the address specified in the purchase order. Delivery location must be inside Kuwait and within the delivery, locations specified earlier. The location must be reachable by ground transportation. You assume responsibility to be present at the delivery address or location on the date of delivery, we reserve the right to check the received data to ensure that the customer had received his order.

Delivery Time:
We strive to deliver your order within 1-5 Working days (Exclude Friday) of your purchase, depending on the availability of products in stock unless otherwise has been agreed upon. You have to check your email to make sure your order has been received and make sure you are present in the address provided on the date of delivery. In case you cannot be present at the specified time, you have to inform us to change the date of delivery.